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Battle Monkeys is a mobile game created by Geek Beach that is quite heavy on artillery and strategy. It’s some sort of a primeval game, given that you’re given an army of monkeys – and not real soldiers - to play with. On second thought, you’re not endangering the humankind. It will be all monkeys on a furious battle for supremacy.

But even if this is a monkey-against-monkey fight, the feeling of going through a major combat is there. The game depicts a very intense battle wherein every monkey wants to be a boss. The only question that remains would be is, “Which group will reign supreme?” So, will it be your group or your opponent’s? Geek Beach created Battle Monkeys as a multiplayer role-playing game wherein players can battle it out against other people from all over the world. Play the game on your mobile phone and challenge other monkey armies to find out which group is really the best.

Fighting makes your team of monkeys stronger as their combat status levels up. Play as much as you can and rise up among the ranks. Make your army of monkey fiercer and meaner, all to the envy of all other players! Battle it out amongst your friends or simply compete at the in-game tournaments. At tournaments, you also get the chance to win lots of exciting and exclusive prizes.

Game Play

To play the game, the Battle Monkeys area is composed of different squares where you and your party can step on. Each square has an icon on it. Land on the square and a corresponding power up will slide down the grid. Your opponent can do the same thing so that means a leveled playing field for all. It then becomes a battle of strategy and supremacy after that. Your army is well equipped with guns and tools for defense against the enemies. The power-ups on the floor can enhance your battle position. Depending on which square you landed on, you can replenish your team’s health, blow up your enemies, shoot at them, poison them, or burn them down with lava.


Battle Monkeys is an awesome 3D multiplayer game. Graphic wise, it is at par with the very best and is way better than the rest. The crisp and clear monkey figures will battle it out on your mobile device. And that can get you engaged with the game for hours. And to make the game even more interesting, the game creators allow for customizing your army of monkeys to the wear the look and the outfit of your choice. If you’re willing to pay for the upgrades of the game, you can lead an army of the meaner-looking baboons and apes instead.

User Ratings

Battle Monkeys won’t be a popular Android game if it wasn’t well-accepted by a lot of gaming fans. This one is a combat-strategy game minus all the bloodshed and the human shields. It’s a game that fits all ages too. However, most of its nice upgrades have to be bought with real money. But even so, there’s nothing wrong with relying with your own set of skills and the rest of the free stuff to continue enjoying this game.

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