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Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense type of a game but with a cool twist. Instead of real soldiers to defend the towers, cute little monkeys are shown instead. As for the enemies, they’re nothing but a set of colorful balloons. The monkeys have to pop them all before they cover the rest of the track, penetrate the towers, and defeat you. Sounds good yet? Well, it really is, especially if you’re a three to seven-year-old kid who loves playing games on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

But don’t get it wrong. Bloons TD 5 isn’t just for kids. As a matter of fact, a lot of adults find this game engaging enough, even if it didn’t have any hint of violence added into it. The only downside of this game is that you have to buy it for $2.99 to play it. Created by Ninja Kiwi released in November 2012, the game currently takes third position at the iPhone’s paid game rankings.

Game Play

Just like any other tower defense game, your job is to make sure that no enemies will get near your precious structures or the game will be over. In this game, balloons of different colors get to fill the tracks leading to the tower. The colors of the balloon signify their strength and capabilities. You have to pop them all to win the game.

In order to do that, you have to deploy a team of monkeys. Your soldier monkeys can be trained to possess certain skills that are useful in eliminating the tougher balloons. Try to level up your army so they will get stronger over time. Note that monkeys get stronger with experience. Deploy them on the field as often as necessary.


And just like any tower defense game, this one requires strategy. Try to train as many monkeys as you can and position them in key areas of the game. That way, the enemy balloons will have less chances of penetrating. The stronger your army is, the higher are the chances that you’ll go far in this multi-level game.


The simple graphics of the game make it easier for kids to enjoy. There are not too many details on the screen, thus putting focus right where the action is – on the tracks that are slowly being filled up with balloons that need popping. The levels shift once you complete it. And while there are simply too many things going on in the game, you won’t get lost with the all colors and the smaller details.

User Ratings

A game that is sold for $2.99 must worth every penny, given the fact that there are many games offered over the Apple Apps Store absolutely free. And although this is a paid game, Bloons TD 5 contains many in-game upgrades that are worth a few bucks more. Even so, a lot of users are quite happy paying $2.99 to get hold of this enjoyable, fun-filled game. Otherwise, it won’t make it to the third spot on the App Store. So if you’ve got $2.99 to spare, this game is sure worth trying.

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