Goodgame Empire - Multiplayer Empire Game is an official partner of Goodgame Studios. One of their latest multiplayer games is "Goodgame Empire", which received more than 60 000 000 plays to this date, and the number is rising. We exclusively offer you to join the countless army of players, to fight against them, to beat them on their land and in the end to reap the rewards. Once you taste the sweetness of victory you will always come back for more.

Goodgame Empire is a strategy game made by Goodgame Studios and distributed by with their permission. In this game you will build the castles, create army and fight with world's best players on a dynamic map. The main idea is to conquer all the other and to make your own empire the greatest in the history of the world. The game falls into these categories: Action, Multiplayer, Strategy, Roleplay, Adventure, Game for Boys, Simulation, Middle Ages.

The game requires you to create an account and login. There's no work around this, so no need to look elswhere. Creating an account is absolutely safe and it's only one time event. That is your key of the virtual kingdom. Login and check out why is this the best online game of 2014.


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