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Monkey Go Happy is a very popular game among kids, especially among little toddlers as young as three years old. The sight of those monkeys crying while you play the game is quite moving. You never know how crying monkeys can get players scrambling to make them happy. The game play of Monkey Go Happy is very simple. The whole game is actually a collection of several simple puzzles that players have to solve in order to make those cute little monkeys happy again.


All of the Monkey Go Happy Games Are Here!

Pencil Kids created the very first Monkey Go Happy game in 2008 and they have come up with several new versions of it to date. Kids of all ages love them because each game offers new challenges to their young and inquisitive minds. The game involves the use of the mouse, with players mostly clicking on the objects on the screen to solve the puzzles shown, shoot some stuff, and perform certain mind-boggling actions. The whole idea of the game is fairly straight forward – to make your monkey go happy again.

Monkey Go Happy is one of the most popular games today and it comes in a total of 10 different versions. Here are the things that you can expect from each version of the game:

Monkey Go Happy 1

This is the very first Monkey Go Happy game. It is composed of several levels, all of which you have to do something to make a young monkey happy. You’ve got to feed him, light up a firecracker, and shoot ducks, among others.

Monkey Go Happy 2

The second installment of the original Monkey Go Happy game introduces a new set of challenging puzzles - with an extra monkey to please at that.

Monkey Go Happy 3

The third Monkey Go Happy offers a higher level of puzzle surprises. But this time, you’ve got not just one or two monkeys to make happy. There will be three of them now!

Monkey Go Happy 4

The original young monkey is now joined by a grandfather monkey. With four monkeys to adore, that’s what you can fun for all monkey ages!

Monkey Go Happy 5

Get ready for maximum fun for the fifth installment of the Monkey Go Happy game. With five monkey players in all, there’s really no room of errors. Solve all those puzzles and make your team of monkeys ecstatic.

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 1

Slightly differing in the pattern of the original Happy Go Monkey game series, mini monkeys is all about gathering all those small monkeys to complete your collection.

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2

In this second version of the Mini Monkeys Series, players are required to collect all fifteen little monkeys in the game. Monkeys are collected after solving the puzzles involved. Put them all inside the basket to win the entire game.

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3

Get ready for a whole new Mini Monkey adventure on an exciting location - a pirate ship! Find all 15 mini monkeys and get your mission solved.

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 1

It’s a race against 30 levels of Monkey Go Happy puzzle-solving games. Can you do it? Then join the marathon and have fun!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2

If the first 30 marathon games aren’t enough for you, engage yet again on 30 more exciting Monkey Go Happy puzzle games. All with your favorite crying monkeys, of course.

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