Monkey Math School Sunshine: An Educated Review

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Way back in the early 1980's my father was going to collage and needed a home PC for his studies. At that time, no one had a computer at home, no one. There was no need for one. There was no internet and video games were something that kids played only at the arcade. The home console business nearly killed itself off due to shoddy games, ie E.T. And on the PC front of gaming, the only games at the time were educational games like my childhood favorite Math Blaster. In Math Blaster, the player had to solve math questions within a certain amount of time or aliens attacked and destroyed earth. Yep, this was the early 1980's. Today, we are in the early 2010's and the times have certainly changed. We now have the internet and mobile tablets. We are a connected world and nearly everything has changed from “way back when” to now, including video games.

Educational Game

Today we are going to take a look at one of the new educational games that kids of today get to play. Monkey Math School Sunshine, despite having a really long name, is the type of game that most parents would want to see their kids play. After all there's a lot to learn.

Whole lot of content for kids

For an adult, there is very little in the way of a game here to play. For a kid, there is whole lot of content, for the average $1.99 price. The game plays about as much as you would expect a educational game to play. The player has to solve a math question using basic math skills. When the right answer is given, the monkeys in the game come alive and reward the player with plenty of onscreen antics. When the player gives the wrong answer, let's just say that the monkeys in this game are better behaved than real monkeys. Monkey Math School

Knack Technology

Now as I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of content for the intended audience. The game boasts a rather nice variety of game modes, nine altogether. The great thing about Monkey Math is the game's use of a new technology called Knack. This allows the game to dynamically change its difficulty to match the skill of the player. In other words, it gives the smart kids hard questions and the not as smart kids easier questions. The controls for the game work very nicely, with the simple swipes and single button presses using natural motions.

Monkey Math School


The graphics for this game are very cartoony in nature, and is rather poor in its quality. The presentation is that of the very cheap flash games that are usually free on the internet. The sound is sub par also, however it is more inline with other low budget games of its nature.


Monkey Math School Sunshine is one of the better educational games on the Google play store. Even though the graphics and sound are dated, the quality of the puzzles and the Knack technology make this game a very rough diamond that is in desperate need of polish. The core game is there, hopefully the developers will be able to afford more time and money on polishing up the next version of this wonderfully smart game.

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