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Monkey Questis an mmorpg aimed squarely at children. In this land of monkey business, kids create a monkey avatar and use this character throughout their playing time. This charming mmorpg takes place in the Land of Ook. Sometime in the distant past of Ook, the monkey king banished a dark and evil shadow demon named Ka. Once the King was through with Ka, he left the land of Ook, never to return. Upon his leaving, the King laid the responsibility of maintaining the realm of the five tribes of monkeys. Back to the present time, dark spawn of the shadow demon are beginning to appear all across the land and it is up to the monkeys to save the day. Can they do it?

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Monkey Quest plays as a 2d adventure game, with children use the arrow buttons to move their monkey around and the space bar to jump. There will be times when the player has to use one or more combinations of the buttons to achieve a difficult jump or to crawl into a very tight spot. The controls are not as responsive as one would hope as there is a distinct amount of time between when the arrow button is pushed and when the monkey actually moves. This goes for jumping as well. Sometimes during the playthrough for this review, I found myself having to hold down the space bar to make sure that a jump action was registered. A child may find this to be a turn off and not wish to play any further.

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The graphics of Monkey Quest depend mainly on the type of pc and internet connection that the game is played on. The game does not appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary and should run better for lesser built computers than the recommended specs that this game has listed. The graphics are in a style similar to cartoons and the animations of the monkeys are nice.


The sound of the game is bearable for an adult and is sure to be loved by all children who play the game. If you allow your child to play this game for an extended period of time, it might be a wise choice to hand them a set of headphones. There is no fear of the child hearing anything rude or crude from this mmorpg as the only way to communicate to other players is through texting.

Text messaging in Monkey Quest

The text messages in this game are ran through an in game dictionary that doesn't allow for any profane language. The game is also monitored by the moderators 24 hours a day, with a convenient in-game reporting system.

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PC requirements

This game is meant to be played on higher end computers, which is a shame because a lot of children will not be able to play the game as it is meant to be played. If your computer can run this game, it is well worth downloading the Unity plugin for your internet browser and then allow your child to discover the fun land of Ook.

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