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No, I did not want to advertise my new channel on youtube, although that is also in my 'To Do' list, but my idea was to show the most interesting things people search for, when it comes to 'monkey games'.

I wanted to make, in a form of top list, an overview of most interesting clips on YouTube regarding 'monkey games'.

Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2

One of most visited clips on YouTube is walkthrough for the game "Monkey GO Happy Elevators 2". Currently it has over 150.000 hits. This game can be played on our site here . The fact that this isn't the last game from Pencil Kids, simply means that players can't absorb all games coming at that rate from this company. Lately, almost every week one new game comes out. After, 'Elevators', Pencil Kids made two more games: "Tales 2" and "Candy", and recently two more came out "Sci-Fi" and "Sci Fi 2". It is very possible that at the moment when you are reading this article, these information are completely out of date, which is as you can see not my fault. UPDATE: after a while I came across the walktrough for 'Marathon' which has over 600.000 visits. You can see that video here

Curious George Monkey Jump

This interactive video game is made for very small children, toddlers so to speak. If you are old enough so you can read this, and you are not a parent to a very young child, it is best that you skip next video, because in comparison to it any episode of Teletubbies looks like NASA documentary on global warming. In video below you can see an 'episode' where monkey jumps and throws out numbers. I suppose the idea is that we all count out loud 1, 2, 3... Anyway, this video has 90.000 hit as I write this article. In the third place we have another episode of Curios George called "Chock-a-Block ZOO". You can click one of the animal pictures to fill it in, or you can click the blank one to make your own design. Than you will be filling all the empty spaces with the color blocks to make the animal appear. Yap, another monkey game for the babies.

Monkey Boo Capuchin Monkey

Place No 4 goes to a capuchin monkey named Monkey Boo with 50.000 hits. In series of video clips published by user "MonkeyBooChannel" we see this cute monkey playing with his best friend pit bull called Mac.

Donkey Kong Country

And place No 5 belongs to a video review for Donkey Kong Country game, made by "GameGrumps". This video has seen little over 300.000 people in two years since it was posted. This is a platformer game originally published for Super Nintendo (an obsolete console system from the nineties). The last release of this game was by "Virtual Console" in 2007. After that the game is withdrawn and it doesn't sell any more. In this game the main hero is Donkey Kong, produced by Tim Stamper, and original creator Shigeru Miyamoto was only part of the team.

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