Super Monkey Star - Bio Weapon Ape - New gaming adventure by GameTroopers

Super Monkey is a star of a new windows mobile game adventure announced for the end of 2015, in production of GameTroopers a windows phone publishing company, located in Lleida (Spain). The action in "Super Monkey Star" takes place on a distant planet 'Qvimian Prime' which is in no way related to Optimus Prime and his crew of Transformers. The game is designed by Double Ring Studios and Radical Graphics.

I must admit that Game Troopers have been unknown to me until I've dicovered some very interesting game titles their private collection from the offical website Overkill 3 and The Last Door: Collector's Edition, which is one of my favorite horror pixel-art adventures. Not sure if they were involved here only as sponsors, or they have ported otherwise flash game to a windows ecosystem, but enlisting those titles under their brand is a strong indication of quality.

The main character is Iter - Ape 013, a bio weapon ape who managed to escape the imprisonment in Spacecraft Fortress to discover his special powers. As he fights more against robotic enemies, he collects new power ups and gets his powers grow even bigger.

The game offers a lot of diverse power ups, achievements, lots of fights with different enemies. You will be able to share your gameplays and even win some interesting prizes. Finally, the game will soon become available not only on Windows MObile platforms, but also on Android, iPhone, Steam and XBox. Official website is


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