Who owns a copyright of the famous monkey selfie? Photographer? Monkey? Nobody?

So, there's wildlife photographer went out to Indonesia to take pictures of this endangered species of monkeys.

So this photographer he left his tripod and his camera out while he went to go get something. He temporarily left it out and these monkeys came by next to camera and they started snapping pictures of themselves. And one of the photos is now famous and is called 'monkey selfie'. The photographer's name is David Slater, while monkey's name is Naruto and he is one of "Macaque" monkeys. The whole thing went to court, because PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) insisted that the monkey owns the copyright and that he should get the money from selling the licenses.

PETA started fighting in court to ensure that the monkey had copyright to the images that it took of itself. The problem is that David Slater took these selfies and put them in his own book and of course he profits off of that. So that's why PETA went after him and said "Hey, you know what, you don't own the rights of those images, Naruto does, so you can no longer include those images in your book for profit". In the end, PETA has been defeated in a court ruling involving the "primate taking selfies" case.


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