Almost everyone loves balloons and for fans of video games, there is no better way to combine these two interests than with Bloons. With a name derived from the word "balloons", this fabulous video game definitely offers a lot of fun.

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Welcome to bloons monkey games category where we collected all bloons for you in one place! Pop the balloons and get the best score. Aim and shoot in player packs and some of the most insane levels you have ever seen. It is not easy, it is challenging and fun. Super monkey is waiting to fly with you and win some gold trophies. Monkeys are ready to have fun and we hope you are too!

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The game is available on various platforms including for mobile phones, tablets and the Internet. The series itself is comprised of several games, including the original Bloons series, Bloons Tower Defense, and a few other spinoff games.

The game draws inspiration from the traditional "Balloon and Dart" games played in carnivals. However, the video game versions offer a lot more features and innovative gameplay as you may have expected given its digital nature. If you haven’t tried these games yet, you are in for a thrill!

The first version of the game was released in April 2007. It was received favorably by the public from the start, although it was after the game was picked up by Digg that it grew immensely in popularity. After only a few months, as many as 100,000 players from around the world were playing Bloons every day! By 2011, Bloons had been played more than 3 billion times.

The original Bloons series

All of the original games bearing the “Bloons” name are grouped into the Bloons series. These games all involve clearing the playing field of all Bloons using as few darts as possible. It seems simple enough, but the ability to control the force and trajectory of the darts provides plenty of opportunity for exciting play.

Each game is comprised of a few different levels, each with its own unique layout. These different playing fields require their own unique approach and strategies, particularly in the way the darts are used. Each level also gives the Bloons different special powers, which may either help or hinder the action of the darts.

Other games in the series

Along with the development of new games in the series came a variety of exciting new features and innovations. New levels were also introduced, along with different "player packs" consisting of levels developed by Bloons players.

Among the newer games in the series are More Bloons, Even More Bloons, Bloons Insanity, Bloons Junior, Bloons 2, and the Bloons 2 Christmas Pack.

Spinoff games

In addition to these games, the series also gave birth to a number of interesting spinoffs. In Bloons Pop Three, the object is to swap Bloons in order to form lines comprised of 3 to 8 Bloons of the same color. You will also come across special Bloons that set off the special powers depicted in the picture. The game ends when there are no Bloons left to match.

Another interesting spinoff is Bloons Super Monkey, which involves moving the super monkey. You also have the opportunity to win power blops by popping specific Bloons. You may also use these power blops to purchase upgrades that can increase your powers and capabilities.

These are only a few of the options available out there in the fabulous world of Bloons. If you are looking for a captivating gaming experience, these games are definitely worth checking out.


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