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Cats are known as stubborn and very individual in nature, but nothing beats than sweet noise thay make while you stroke them. Cats are known to be good companions to people and it is no wonder there are cat games out there. Many different games to play and enjoy cats and their playful nature to the fullest. Here at we have collected many great cat games for you to play and enjoy every time you are online! There are cat games for girls and boys alike!

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When it comes to cartoons, cats take a high stance as some of the most beloved characters of all.

- Tom the cat from Tom and Jerry Cartoon -

Enter Tom the cat of the super popular and legendary Tom and Jerry cartoons. These animated features became multi award winning shorts featuring the gray tomcat, Tom who would share many battles with his mouse nemesis Jerry. Often considered some of the best animated feature shorts of all time, Tom appeared in many venues and characters from cowboys to mad scientists, to crooning beaus trying to woo the girl cats. These MGM shorts are some of the most prized animated shorts of all time as well as just plain animation in total. Master animators created these cartoons and went on to other masterpieces and studios. Let it be said that Tom and Jerry who also appeared in a live action feature with dancer Gene Kelly. The dance scene combined live action and animation that is considered one of the most fantastic scenes ever filmed. Needless to say “Tom” has made more than his mark as a cartoon cat.

- Sylvester the cat -

In the 1940s the world was introduced to Sylvester the cat. He has appeared in over 100 Warner Bros feature cartoons and numerous other appearances in other Warner Bros properties from animated shows to motion pictures to television and more. Sylvester's number one nemesis has always been Tweety Bird. The little canary would torment Sylvester and get the upper hand whenever the cat would try to capture him. These cartoons led to Sylvester achieving three Academy Award wins for the feature animation shorts he appeared in.

- Garfield the lazy cat -

Rising from the comic strips came a cat that would have a worldwide impact. Created by cartoonist Jim Davis, Garfield would would become a worldwide phenom itself. Garfield is a tabby cat that is owned by a man named Jon. In addition to Jon, Garfield has another household pet to contend with and that's Odie the never ending drooling dog that is a constant foil of Garfield's and vice versa. Garfield would express himself in thought balloons and often be tempted by lasagna. At one time Garfield was one of the top comic strips ever and spawned animated television shows, feature films, comic books and more. Merchandise featuring Garfield and his friends are all over the planet and still popular to this day.

- Heathcliff - another orange tabby -

Garfield's contemporary is another orange tabby cat named Heathcliff. Created by George Gately way back in 1973, he's become a sensation much like any of the cartoon cats. He's a smart aleck who gets into precarious situations where his wit and snappy wisecracks get him out of the jams he gets into. It is a constant popular comic strip featured in over 1,000 newspapers. There have been several Heathcliff animated television shows too and his merchandise can be found around the world.

- Hello Kitty -

Need we mention Hello Kitty? Yes we must. Hello Kitty is a Japanese global sensation created by Yuko Shimizu for the Sanrio company. The white kitten first appeared in 1974 and has grown to become a worldwide brand of astonishing proportions. Featured in just about everything from clothes to shoes to stationary and more this creation is one of the most famous cat cartoons every created. A simple design but so cute that many find it irresistible. A billion dollar industry, Hello Kitty can be found on the personages of people in every corner of the world.

- Catscratch: This Means War -

Catscratch: This means war is a cat fight game inspired by the 2006 Nickelodeon cartoon television show about three cats: Mr Blik, Gordon and Waffle who inherited a big house to live in together. Due to a different personalities such as Blik being bossy, Gordon just showing tough and Waffle is all goofy. In this game they turned against each other. When you choose your character your task is to pick objects, point them at your opponent and throw out with certain power. You can choose either attack of defensive strategy. To win, you will have to beat the last cat standing. Some of the tools to trade you will find in the lower corner of the screen are: Balloons (get a move on), Columns (protect from the attack), Reign of the plane (makes damage anyways), Donut bomb (sweet recipe for disaster), Soaker Splash (blast of water), Kracken (tap the space-bar to whap the cat by this ill tempered denizen).


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