Penguin Games Conquer Antarctica Game Review
Conquer Antarctica

Conquer Antarctica is another cool penguin game. This one is more appropriate for individuals who enjoy war or fighting games. Some parents, because it is a fighting game, may prefer that their child not play Conquer Antarctica. However, it’s pretty tame. The weapon of choice is snowballs. There is no gunfire, blood or guts. It’s pretty mild, especially by today’s video game standards.

In this particular penguin game, players are fighting for control or to conquer Antarctica. In order to do so, they must defeat rival gangs using snowball cannons. The winner takes all.

Conquer Antarctica is a super fun game. It’s the ultimate snowball fight with an entire continent of Antarctica at stake. Not only is the game fun but it’s easy enough to learn and master. It is because of the aforementioned, that it is one of the most popular penguin games online. Online game lovers owe it to themselves to give it a try.

In Summary Both Penguin Diner (1&2) and Conquer Antarctica are extremely fun penguin games. Though they differ in terms of premise and play each is very enjoyable.

These two games may appeal to different audiences. A person who enjoys food service games may not be interested in fighting games and vice verse. Whatever an individual’s personal preference, both Penguin Diner and Conquer Antarctica are great options for people who enjoy playing penguin games or who are interested in giving them a try.

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