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Crazy monkey payback is a fun banana peel throwing game. The main character in this game is monkey and he is angry with some of his neighbors, so he decided to show them who is who in this neighborhood and have fun in the process.The game takes place in front of the residential building with many windows. Our little monkey is sitting in the lower right corner and has a basket full of banana peels. Those peels are leftovers of his lunch and he will be using those to fulfill his task.

There are levels in this game and the time is limited. You have to finish each level before the time runs out and make enough hits. In the upper left corner you can see the level you are in, in the middle how much time you have left and on the right the number of precise hits you have to make to advance to the next level. The game is played very simple and using only spacebar. There are two moving lines on the screen, one horisontal and other vertical. When one of them is aligned with a window you press spacebar and it stops, then you wait for the other one to come and make the intersection on the window exactly where the human is. You will see how precise you are by the amount of points you get, the head shot brings the most points.

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The gpaphics are very clean and funny so the visual enjoyment is guaranteed, also the music is fun and sound effects are funny too. But, in case you don't find them as amusing you can always turn the sound off and play the game in silence. Crazy monkey will bring his world back to balance one way or the other. And if you find this game amusing you will definitley find some more here at!

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Crazy Monkey throws banana peel at humans. Each hit scores points!

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