Darwin the IKEA Monkey Gets Own Game
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Back in December of 2012, outside of an IKEA in Toronto, Canada, a little monkey escaped from his cage inside a car and caused a little bit of a scene that turned into an internet sensation. Darwin, a monkey with a keen sense of fashion, was left alone in the car when the couple who owned the monkey was shopping inside the IKEA store. When the monkey escaped from the car, it almost immediately drew a crowd of very curious Canadians. Darwin ran around the parking lot long enough for the authorities and local news stations to arrive. The incident was made all the more humorous by the fact that Darwin was wearing a very nice, made to fit fur coat and diaper.

ikea monkey game

When the authorities arrived, they took Darwin and placed him in a local sanctuary, fining the owners for violation of Toronto bylaw that forbids the ownership of exotic pets. It took only hours for Darwin to become a fast moving point of conversation with Facebook and Twitter posts blowing up on social media, making this story cross international boundaries. Even CNN, a well watched cable news television station, got in on the fun with Anderson Cooper performing a segment dedicated to Darwin. The tiny monkey has since been turned into an internet legend, with pictures of Darwin coming in from all over the world. Now Darwin has found himself forever immortalize in a new video game for pc gamers.

Here's the IKEA Monkey Game play page in case you want to give it a try.

Darwin stars in IKEA Monkey Shirt as himself, wearing his trademark fur coat. This game was developed by a group of Ontario, Canada, programmers and developers, headed up by Barnabas Wornoff. In this cute little web based game, players will control Darwin and collect pieces of furniture that are strewn across the parking lot of an IKEA shopping center. Players will have to avoid cars and shopping carts by flinging monkey poo. Collecting bananas will grant extra lives for Darwin and once the furniture pieces have been collected, Darwin will gain a new expansion to his new home at the sanctuary. The game has some humorous expressions on the faces of the bystanders in the game, and it also has an almost south park cartoon feel to its graphics. The intro music is worth mentioning because of its catchy tune.

ikea monkey game

The game is short and fun to play. It is also quickly becoming a hit in its own right as the site has begun selling t shirts that bear the resemblance of Darwin. The game seems to be a big hit in Europe according to the game’s developers. The game is such a success that early talks are showing interest in creating a Darwin sequel, where it is up to the players to help Darwin escape from the sanctuary that he is in and return to his owners. Gamers can play this poo slinging game at the games official website ikeamonkeyshirt.com, enjoy.

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