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Palomilla Hunter

Description: Palomilla Hunter is a defense aim and shoot game in which you defend antique ruins of the human realm from the little devils called palomillas. You have a pistol, shotgun and the power of a sun rays at your disposal to get rid of little pests throughout 5 different levels. There's a variety of enemies per each level and at the end of each level you must fight with the main bad guy called 'the boss'. Find a away to take down the boss and you will clear the level.

Tags: palomilla,shooting,aim,defense,sun,ancient,ruins,devil,kids

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Crazy Monkey Payback

Description: The game is a monkey skill game where you help a little monkey to hit as many people with a banana peel as possible. There's a minimum of hits per level that you must archive within limited time of 60 seconds. If you fail, you will need to reply the level. Humans will start showing up on windows randomly. You need to make moving lines stop and intersect exactly on human figure in order to make a successful hit. It's monkey's turn now and It's payback time.Instructions: Use space-bar to intersect lines.

Tags: skill, physics, action, monkey

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UFO Like Cows

Description: Navigate your spaceship with key arrows and use magnetic ray to collect cows and move objects on the ground. Get all cows to progress to then next level.

Tags: alien,ufo,cows,animal,skill

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Journey To Construction Yard

Description: Bad kids have trespassed the construction yard. Workers are chasing them with shovels and heavy tools. You need to find your way and solve puzzling obstacles to get out. Watch out from angry workers. Great adventure stick game.

Tags: adventure,stickman,stick

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Pirate Treasure

Description: Direct your ship by drawing lines. Collect coins and power-ups while approaching the chest. Your mission is to complete all 6 levels to find out who is the best pirate in the world. Power-ups include: speed up, jump the ship, create deflection wall and set your location. Instruction: Use mouse to create and drag deflection walls.

Tags: pirate,ship,adventure,puzzle,skill

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Fluffies POP POP POP

Description: Fluffies POP POP POP is a balloon shooting game. You're moving a bunny armed with a dart pistol shooting suction cup darts. Great game for outdoors shootout. Do not get sucked by the balloon. You have limited number of darts, and once you shoot out one, it will fall off and you can re-collect it.

Tags: bunny, rabbit, darts, shoot, balloons

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Monkey Danki

Description: Manki Danki is a monkey skill shooting game. Help little monkeys swinging on lianas to shoot all bananas down.

Tags: action, shooting, monkey, banana, skill

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Kitty Up

Description: Collect the balloons as much as you can to fly higher. And avoid the bombs because they'll blow up your balloons. You can click-drag and throw the bombs to each other. Pick coin and cake to collect money for upgrading.

Tags: action, shooting, monkey, banana, skill

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