Fish Games


Fish Games

What do fish acctually do?! They swimm around and around in their fish tank and only look nice. That is the first thing you would think when anyone tells you the word fish. Or, that there is something nice for dinner. But, there is so much more to them than that. Fish games offer you so much fun you wont't believe. How about racing fish!? They can actually do that in some of our fish games. Or how about angry and dangerous fish like Piranha or Orca?! Never underestimate the speed of a fish which knows who the enemy is! Fish games are fun if you just give them a chance to take you on an underwater journey or dolphin olympics to try out your skill!

- Fishy Game - Eat smaller to grow bigger - Legendary Fishy Game!!!

Fishy game is very popular and extremely fun and addicting to play. This is the oldest game of its kind and all other similar games came out from Fishy game. You are one little fish in the vast sea and you eat smaller fish than you, grow, than eat somewhat bigger fish and grow some more. The main obstacles on your way to become the biggest fish in the sea are those who can eat you. So, you have to avoid being eaten, move around fast and be vigilant at any moment. In this game you use your keyboard to navigate. In some of the other games that look like this one you can use your mouse to move around and that makes those games a bit easier. It is up to individual gamer to decide preferable navigation method. The game has been around the net for some time now, and it'is not going anywhere. It's all about it's simplicity and addictiveness. That's why it goes head to head with top games today.

- Tons of games similar to Fishy - Franky the Fish

And since Fishy game became so popular, sequel followed. The makers of the game came up with somewhat different version of the original. Since the original is pretty hard to beat and it takes a lot of training before you can even dream of beating it, they made a variation where you advance trough levels . You also have several sizes of fish in your upper left corner which you have to eat to get to the next level. There are some important hints when one wants to play either of these games. When you navigate your fish and perhaps hit the edge of the screen it will appear on the opposite side of the screen. Also, when you eat other fish all you have to do is only to touch it and it is counted as eaten. The same rule applies on you being eaten by the bigger fish. If you touch it, you are dead. You can eat or be eaten regardless the fish orientation, so you can practically be eaten by others even if they approach you from behind.

- Only 2 minutes for performance - Dolphin Olympics 2

You've got a limited time to preform jumps and various stunts in the air. Additional combos will earn you some extra points. You get points for highest and longest jump, biggest splash, highest speed and longest combo. There are also rings suspended in the air and you can jump trough them to earn even more points. You can play this game with friends so it can be turned into a competition, just like in the real Olimpics. You will find it very satisfying because the graphics are pretty nice with soothing wave music playing in the background, which makes you feel even closer to the ocean. If you do good all the little fishes from the ocean will be following you around.


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