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Penguin Games Yeti Sports
Pingu Throw

Yeti Sports penguin games made its online appearance in 2004. This web-based flash game, also referred to as Pingu Throw, had a simple premise. Players (yetis) were to hit penguins with a club as far as they could. This game would become a big hit amongst online gamers. Today it is considered a classic.

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Penguin Games Penguin Diner Game Review
Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner and Penguin Diner 2 The player's role in In Penguin Diner is as penguin waitress named Penny. Penny must take each customer's order, deliver the food and then collect payment for it. The purpose of working at the diner is to earn enough money to return home her family.

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Penguin Games Conquer Antarctica Game Review
Conquer Antarctica

Conquer Antarctica is another cool penguin game. This one is more appropriate for individuals who enjoy war or fighting games. Some parents, because it is a fighting game, may prefer that their child not play Conquer Antarctica. However, it’s pretty tame. The weapon of choice is snowballs. There is no gunfire, blood or guts. It’s pretty mild, especially by today’s video game standards.

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Crazy Monkey Payback Game Review
cover image

Crazy monkey payback is a fun banana peel throwing game. The main character in this game is monkey and he is angry with some of his neighbors, so he decided to show them who is who in this neighborhood and have fun in the process.The game takes place in front of the residential building with many windows. Our little monkey is sitting in the lower right corner and has a basket full of banana peels. Those peels are leftovers of his lunch and he will be using those to fulfill his task.

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Monkey Quest MMORPG Game Review
monkey quest logo

Monkey Questis an mmorpg aimed squarely at children. In this land of monkey business, kids create a monkey avatar and use this character throughout their playing time. This charming mmorpg takes place in the Land of Ook. Sometime in the distant past of Ook, the monkey king banished a dark and evil shadow demon named Ka. Once the King was through with Ka, he left the land of Ook, never to return. Upon his leaving, the King laid the responsibility of maintaining the realm of the five tribes of monkeys. Back to the present time, dark spawn of the shadow demon are beginning to appear all across the land and it is up to the monkeys to save the day. Can they do it?

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Darwin the IKEA Monkey Gets Own Game
ikea monkey

Back in December of 2012, outside of an IKEA in Toronto, Canada, a little monkey escaped from his cage inside a car and caused a little bit of a scene that turned into an internet sensation. Darwin, a monkey with a keen sense of fashion, was left alone in the car when the couple who owned the monkey was shopping inside the IKEA store. When the monkey escaped from the car, it almost immediately drew a crowd of very curious Canadians. Darwin ran around the parking lot long enough for the authorities and local news stations to arrive. The incident was made all the more humorous by the fact that Darwin was wearing a very nice, made to fit fur coat and diaper.

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