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Poppy the Plane - Android Flying Game by Small Chimps

Poppy The Plane is a challenging android game about little plane trying to break through a cave crowded with unfriendly obstacles.

Do you remember the legendary helicopter game where you navigate through dark green caves until you crash? It used to make millions of hits back in the day like 10 years ago. Well, I'll tell you this. Poppy the Plane lays on the same concept but it is so much better. With all the technology we have today, it is a no surprise.

Last Updated ( Thursday, July 28 2016 15:38 )

2014's Best Monkey Games for Mobile

best monkey games 2014

There is no doubt that monkey games for mobile devices are very plentiful. In fact, it would probably be safe to say that monkey games for mobile are like zombie games for home consoles. There are far too many of them and the good ones are hard to find. Well, you can rest easy, because we are here to find the prized monkeys at the bottom of this barrel.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, June 18 2014 16:40 )

Monkey Math School Sunshine: An Educated Review

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Way back in the early 1980's my father was going to collage and needed a home PC for his studies. At that time, no one had a computer at home, no one. There was no need for one. There was no internet and video games were something that kids played only at the arcade. The home console business nearly killed itself off due to shoddy games, ie E.T. And on the PC front of gaming, the only games at the time were educational games like my childhood favorite Math Blaster. In Math Blaster, the player had to solve math questions within a certain amount of time or aliens attacked and destroyed earth. Yep, this was the early 1980's. Today, we are in the early 2010's and the times have certainly changed. We now have the internet and mobile tablets. We are a connected world and nearly everything has changed from “way back when” to now, including video games.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, April 16 2014 15:22 )

Battle Monkeys - Mobile Apps on MonkeyGamesWorld

Battle Monkeys is a mobile game created by Geek Beach that is quite heavy on artillery and strategy. It’s some sort of a primeval game, given that you’re given an army of monkeys – and not real soldiers - to play with. On second thought, you’re not endangering the humankind. It will be all monkeys on a furious battle for supremacy.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, April 23 2013 09:00 )

Bloons TD 5 - Mobile Apps on MonkeyGamesWorld

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense type of a game but with a cool twist. Instead of real soldiers to defend the towers, cute little monkeys are shown instead. As for the enemies, they’re nothing but a set of colorful balloons. The monkeys have to pop them all before they cover the rest of the track, penetrate the towers, and defeat you. Sounds good yet? Well, it really is, especially if you’re a three to seven-year-old kid who loves playing games on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, April 30 2013 14:10 )
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