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Yeti Sports penguin games made its online appearance in 2004. This web-based flash game, also referred to as Pingu Throw, had a simple premise. Players (yetis) were to hit penguins with a club as far as they could. This game would become a big hit amongst online gamers. Today it is considered a classic. It's fun, light-hearted and easy enough to learn. After the original game's release, numerous variations were developed. However, though many of these subsequent releases were very similar to the initial one, they weren't sponsored or created by the game's original sponsor, Chris Hilgert.

One of the most notable variations of Pingu Throw was developed by a person named Pawel. This game featured a number of weapons used for torture and destruction, for instance, mines, spikes, clubs and gave players the ability to decapitate others. It was much more violent than the original game.

Scene from Yeti Sports Game 2- Orca Slap

There would eventually be variants of the game sponsored by Yeti Sports. In fact, there would be nine of them. The company would also re-release the original game. The primary difference between the original release and the re-release was that the penguin was able to move while being thrown through the air in the second game.

The nine variants of Pinguin Throw are titled Orca Slap (game 2), Seal Bounce (game 3), Albatross Overload (game 4), Flamingo Drive (game 5), Big Wave (game 6), Snowboard Free Ride (game 7), Jungle Swing (game 8), Final Spit (game 9) and Icicle Climb (game 10).

Many of these games were based in different parts of the world. The only exception were games 1, 2 (Orca Slap: "Hit the Bulls Eye") and 3 (Seal Bounce: "Up the Iceberg") which were all set in Antarctica. Game 4, Albatross Overload: "Gone with the Wind," was set in Australia. Flamingo Drive: "May the Vulture Get Him?" was based in Africa. The Big Wave: "The Perfect Wave," in Hawaii, Snowboard Free Ride: "Back to the Snow," in Austria, Jungle Swing: "Cry of the Rain Forest" in South America and Final Spit: "Game Over," in the Himalayas.

Scene from the Seal Bounce

As the games evolved, so did the premises and the rules. In Game 2 (Orca Slap), the goal was to, "nail" (not literally) the penguins onto a dartboard with a snowball. The penguin is first hit into the air by an Orca and then onto the dartboard by a yeti.

In Game 3 (Seal Bounce) the players, who are yetis, throw the penguins into the air, where if they are hit by seals are thrown even higher in the air. When the penguins land there is blood, and perhaps body parts. This is a pretty gruesome game. In Game 4 (Albatross Overload) the penguins are thrown into the air via a see-saw and courtesy of a Yeti.

Yeti Sports 5 - Flamingo Drive

In the 5th game, Flaming Drive, the penguin is hit with a flamingo that doubles as a golf club. In Game 6 (Big Wave), play is mostly about the yeti. He mainly surfs, performing tricks, while simultaneously, hitting penguins as they fly above him. Snowboard Free Ride, Game 7 in the series, is also a lot of fun. In it, the Yeti competes against 10 penguins in a snowboard race. Jungle Swing (game 8), which takes place in South America, is a game where a Yeti swings from one branch to another, earning points along the way.

In Game 9, the llama that the yeti takes captive spits at penguins and other animals. Players get points for every animal the llama spits on. Players lose points if they aren’t accurate. The final Yeti Sport variant, Game 10, is Icicle Climb. The Yeti throws icicles against the cliff and the penguin must use them to climb up it.

Yeti Sports has a storied history. Their contribution to the online gaming world has been significant. It has been responsible for a number of classic games that people play and enjoy even today. Play all yeti sports in penguin games section.

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