If you have already played Bloons games, then you already know how much fun they are. Offering a modern take on the traditional “Balloon and Darts” games played in carnivals, Bloons kick up the excitement level several notches with a host of new features and fascinating innovations.

Tower Defense Monkey Games

Like the original Bloons series games and numerous spinoffs, BTD games are developed by Ninja Kiwi. Built on the Adobe Flash platform, Bloons games were originally intended only for browsers. Later on however, the games were also released in iOS app and Android OS versions.

Hours Of Fun And Excitement With Bloons Tower Defense Games!

How to play

Your role in the game is to prevent Bloons from getting to the end of the track. As you may have guessed from the name, the game offers you a number of different towers with which you can mount a defense. This is a good thing, as you will come up against a number of formidable Bloons including Dart Monkeys, Tack Towers, Ice Towers, and Cannons of various types. However, all these are merely precursors to the immensely powerful Super Monkey which can really out a hole in your defenses.

The Bloons

The Bloons themselves serve as enemies in this particular series. They typically show up at the various entrances on the field, and they follow a specific path until they manage to make their way to the exit or you manage to pop them in time.
There are actually a number of different kinds of Bloons, and more powerful ones typically carry several with reduced power. Each one of these Bloons comer with special powers, although they have specific weaknesses as well. Players have a certain number of lives that vary depending on the game’s difficulty level and the game version.

The Towers

Although the towers in the game form an essential part of your defense, you will first have to purchase them with game money. Like Bloons, towers have unique capabilities and uses. Just as Bloons can be more–or less–powerful, certain towers can also be more effective than others. In fact, some towers are almost ineffective against the Bloons, although this only adds to the game's excitement level rather than hinders it.

Upgrade options

Despite their inherent limitations, the good news is that towers can actually be upgrader for increased strength and capability. The 4th version of Bloons Tower Defense even includes a "secret" upgrade that can really boost the capability of the tower. Of course, you do have to unlock this upgrade before you can use it, and it is quite expensive. Bloons Tower Defense 5 offers even more upgrade options, along with the ability to upgrade a Special Agent to Pro status. These are only a few of the features that come with Bloons Tower Defense games. Although the games may seem simple at the core, there is no denying their charm and repeat playability. The excitement level also belies the seeming simplicity of these games, and you will definitely enjoy many hours at play with their endlessly fascinating features.

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